A Vision and Strategy that's Innovative & Dynamic!

Our Sorority is a prestigious sisterhood that relies on the innovation of its members to provide meaningful service to the community. To ensure sustainability, the membership focus must expand to tackle new and unaddressed challenges, including:

Member Benefits: To ensure a lifetime commitment, we need to provide opportunities for professional and personal development. Simply put, members need to see the value of serving through this organization over any other.

Innovative Solutions: Zeta must address 21st issues, including programming and policies that benefit our international chapters, and practices that embrace all Zetas.

My extensive experience makes me distinctly qualified to build an infrastructure and team that will address these and other issues. I welcome the opportunity to use my background and team building skills to grow the sisterhood that I have loved for the last 34 years and that I will serve with or without a title.

Advancing Our Membership Processes:

Building on our membership and certification process achievements for the benefit of our chapters.

- Facilitation of ongoing reviews of the MIP steps with tangible outcomes that will aid chapter MIP coordinators

- Oversight and implementation of the MIP Certification process to continue timely and quality training

Building a Team for Innovative Solutions:

Zeta's reclamation and retention programs must address 21st-century issues and the needs of all members.

- Collaboration with a team of Sorors focused on streamlined and effective reclamation and retention strategies and processes

- Coordination with leadership to address the unique membership challenges faced by our international chapters and chapters of all sizes

Taking Care of Home:

Promoting value-based membership by supporting international initiatives, including opportunities for Zeta, professional and personal development.

- Support for the programs of the International Grand Basileus, particularly those that support growth and retention (e.g., financial literacy and debt reduction, career-based training, and mental health)

- Promotion of ongoing programs that improve the membership experience and promote sustainability, including Finer Women Don't Haze and ZOL