As you know, the Sorority has a population of the LGBT community. As First-Anti how are you prepared to address our involvement or acknowledgment when it comes to membership? What is your stance on LGBT members of the sorority?

- Inquiring Soror

I sincerely appreciate your question. As a Zeta, I believe that all that are eligible should be considered for membership. This includes members of the LGBT community. No one should be discriminated against with respect to membership or with respect to leadership roles in the organization.

If elected, under the bylaws, I would lead a Membership Committee. While the bylaws list the Sorors that would serve on the committee, I intend to add additional Sorors to represent various constituencies, including LGBT Sorors. I need to hear and address the views of all Sorors. I specifically mention your community in my write-up in the candidate's brochure and am serious about my commitment to inclusion.

Thank you again for the question. I pray that I am elected and can work with you and others.

Sisterly, Gina

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